Proper 3D Printer Motherboard Settings

Description of the problem: Printed object poor quality due to low extrusion

Material: Any type of material.

Settings: Standard

Solutions: Confirm proper Firmware settings on the Touch Interface. Your printer requires correct settings to ensure accuracy and proper operations. The machine uses a number called "Steps per mm" to determine exactly how many "Steps" of the motors to get a desired output. The figures contained here will provide the desired outputs of the 3d printer dependant on specific configurations.

  1. Select OPTIONS then click CONFIGURE beside EEProm
  2. The Extruder steps per mm figure in the EEProm settings screen particular to your model can be found in the chart below. 

Your Infinity 3D printer may have one of these two control boards installed. To identify you can view by removing rear fan cover.

This is a RAMPS Motherboard  

This is an X3 Motherboard (all subsequent printers from Printer SN: 160070 have this installed)

Your Infinity 3D Printer may have either of these two distinct models of extruder(disregard whether you have a single extruder(SE) or dual extruder(DE) 3D printer as the steps setting applies to either of each model.

A "TIGER" Extruder is easily distinguished by the BLACK Anodised aluminum drive gear housing

Single Tiger Extruder


A "COBRA" Extruder is easily distinguished by it's Red Anodised gear housing

Single Cobra Extruder

Dual Cobra Extruder



EXTRUDER "Steps per mm:" MOTHERBOARD Installed EXTRUDER Installed
2336 X3 TIGER
3311 X3 COBRA


After you have input the corresponding "Steps per mm" value from the chart above into your "EEProm" setting click "Save to EEProm"








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