Increasing 3D Printing Resolution

Increasing Resolution:

Problem: Some details of smaller prints lose resolution


  1. Details within print should never be less than 3 times multiplier of your Nozzle Diameter
    • EX: your nozzle diameter is 0.35mm none of your design "Walls" or "embossed Letters/numbers" can have a thickness less than 1.05mm or 3 times the Nozzle diameter.
  2. Use of the print settings to slow down print speeds for smaller objects
    • You can use the "TUNING ADJUSTMENT" slider while printer is running to slow print or simply input lower speed values in the speed settings before slicing.
  3. Use of multiple print items to ensure even heat dissipation during individual layer printing.
    • If you try to print a small tall object you will likely see poor print quality due to not enough heat dissipating before printer moves to next layer. This concentration of heat will result in the plastic being too molten to adequately support subsequent layers. To reduce this effect try to print multiple items of same object spaced out on the build platform to ensure adequate cooling.
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