Extruder Temperature PID settings/Tuning

Issue: While 3D Printing higher temperature materials the temperature of the extruder varies by 10 degrees or more.

Information: The extruders use PID to set the power output and control regimes. The PID settings for the Infinity is optimized for 200 degrees Celsius as this is most used temperature range. In order to print the higher temperature materials the PID settings may need to be tuned/set in order to accurately hold the higher temperatures.

Follow the steps below to "Temporarily" change the PID settings for your printer. In order to permanently change the PID settings see the article. "Updating Firmware"


  1. Connect 3D Printer to computer by following the steps here Connecting a Computer via USB
  3. In the window that pops out ensure that "Filter Output" is checked. Enter the command:                          M303 E0 S250 C8 select "Send"

    Where M303= is the command to start the autotune process

                E0=  the extruder to tune (0=ext 1 and 1=ext2)

                S200= the temp to tune to in deg Celsius

                       C8= the number of cycles to use for tuning
  4. the process may take 2-5mins, when finished you will see the following message(pictured). Your results will vary as the tuning is specific to your machines current setup. Write down the last set of kp-Ki-kD numbers(You may also need to scroll to top due to error messages).
  5. Click "RESET CONNECTION" after tuning completed
  6. In OPTIONS select "CONFIGURE" EEProm
  7. In the window that pops out change the P:  I:  D:  settings to the ones you wrote down from step 4.
  8. Click "Save to EEProm"
  9. These settings will remain as long as you have power on 3D Printer. They will reset to what is in the Firmware as soon as you turn off 3d printer. See the Article "Updating Firmware" to permanently change.
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