Connecting a Computer via USB

It is possible to connect a computer directly to the INFINITY 3D Printer. This may be useful if you choose to use any other slicing software to control the printer or to bypass the Touch Interface. It is also necessary to connect directly to a computer in order to make any firmware changes.

  1. Switch off your printer and set up your computer to the left of it
  2. Disconnect the USB plug at the rear of the Touch Interface you may have to cut the cable tie holding it in place. Use a pair of wire cutters and be careful not to damage the USB cable.
  3. Cut the second cable tie holding the loop of USB cable on the inside of the left vertical support of the printer
  4. The length of USB cable should be available to connect to the computer. If the cable is not long enough, use a USB extension cable, do not try to further separate the cable from the printer. (Using a long extension cable may cause connection issues and is not recommended.)
  5. Turn on the printer and open MatterControl on both the computer and Touch Interface. If you have not yet installed MatterControl on the computer, use the procedure Download, Install, and Setup MatterControl Dashboard on a Computer ensure you have signed into Mattercontrol with your account.
  6. Confirm 3D printer is recognized by MatterControl by checking the status in the upper left corner.
  7. If the status is "Not Connected" click on that box and select "add". Then name your printer and select the model (DE is dual extruder, SE is signal extruder). Install the driver and follow the onscreen instructions to complete installation. 
  8. If your computer does not recognize device see the article Driver Setup


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