Problem: Application crashes upon start or loops to beginning screen.

To Re-install the APK follow these steps. 

  1. Download this APK and copy it to a portable USB Stick/Drive
  2. Disconnect the USB plug at the rear of the Touch Interface
  3. Connect your USB drive to the Touch Interface
  4. Select the Home  icon bottom center of the Touch Interface (some versions may require a double swipe from top RH)     
  5. Select the Settings icon on the home screen
  6. Select APPS Icon
  7. Select Mattercontrol
  8. Select UNINSTALL
  9. Select the Home  icon bottom center of the Touch Interface
  10. Select APPS Icon
  11. Select the Explorer app (white box with green items sticking out) for older versions, or as pictured below
  12. Select your USB storage, name will differ from what is pictured
  13. Select Mattercontrol APK
  14. Accept all permissions by clicking NEXT (multiple times)
  15. Select Install
  16. After install is complete Select OPEN
  17. Select Accept on the EULA page
  18. Select Sign In
  19. Enter your account name and password. 
  20. On the "PREVIEW" Page select Select Printer
  21. On the "Setup Options" screen Select from the dropdown your printer. For multiple printer users ensure you select correct printer from list.
  22. Select Done
  23. On the "PREVIEW" Page select Connect
  24. Now disconnect your USB drive and reconnect the cable to printer drive board ensure the cable is secure select Cancel
  25. Select Use by default for this USB device checkbox then select OK
  26. Select Continue
  27. On the "PREVIEW" Page select ABOUT
  28. On the "ABOUT" Page note the version displayed

Congratulations you have successfully updated your 3D Printer control

Do not hesitate to call toll free (877)269-5510 it would be our pleasure to assist you!

Thank-you from the R3DP TEAM



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