Steps to 3D Printing from Onshape

Follow these steps to add files to the Infinity 3D Printer Touch Interface for printing. If you are using any other 3D Modeling software export to .stl,.obj or .amf and start at step 5. 

  1. Build your object/part in ONSHAPE
  2. Right click on the Part in the bottom left-hand side of window and select export
  3. In the window that opens select STL as format and medium resolution (coarse to reduce further the size) Click ok and save to your computer
  4. Save the ZIP file to your computer
  5. Open in a new browser tab & sign-in to your Mattercontrol Account
  6. Select Dashboard
  7. Select the printer you will use
  8. Select "Add File to Queue"
  9. Navigate to your files
  10. With file now uploaded select "Send"
  11. You will now see this file in the Touch Interface Queue
  12. confirm proper object orientation
  13. Print

NOTE:   You may find it easier to manipulate your files on the desktop version of Mattercontrol before adding to the cloud. Large file sizes cause instability in the onboard Interface therefore it is recommended you setup printer plate within queue and then click more and add to cloud.

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