Alternate Spool Holder

These spool holders will be supplied to all new customers.

Customer feedback as well as inhouse observations has prompted R3DP to provide an alternate means to manage 3D filament Spools. This improvement provides a less cumbersome spool installation method. For 3kg spools see the file "3KG-SPOOL-PL1" and "3KG-SPOOL-PL2"attached below.

Parts Required:  The three Printed parts contained in the STL attached consist of the SPOOL HOLDER BASE, SPOOL HOLDER STAND SHORT & SPOOL HOLDER TOP STANDARD (Total of 90 Grams) all hardware required will be obtained through rearrangement of current screws during installation.

Time required:  Approximately 9 hrs print time using a 0.35mm Nozzle, 8 hrs with a 0.5mm Nozzle or 6.5hrs with a 0.8mm Nozzle(may require some sanding post print). 15 minutes to remove old spool holders & Install the New parts. 

In order to incorporate this improvement follow the steps below:

  1. Download the attached STL file named SPOOL HOLDER ASSEMBLY-V2 and add to Queue
  2. Print Settings: Use PLA and 30% infill do not use support 
  3. After print has completed remove the build plate and allow to cool
  4. After removing parts from plate, use your 3.0mm hex key driver(included in Printer toolkit) & insert into the "Spool holder base" mount screw holes to remove the support pieces.
  5. Remove 3D Printing material spool(s) from printer, Turn off the power switch & unplug printer in order to turn it around for access.
  6. Using the 3.0mm Hex Key Driver remove all the screws securing the Spool Holder arms and set aside
  7. Using the 3.0mm Hex Key Driver remove the two screws to the left of the Fan cover located on the back of the Printer 
  8. Install the two screws from back panel where the inner spool holder was mounted
  9. Reinstall one of the spool holder screws in the forward hole where the outer spool holder arm was(for Dual spool printers install another screw in the back hole)
  10. Install the Spool holder base with the remaining screws removed from spool holder arms
  11. Install the spool holder stand with the thick portion forward
  12. Install the Spool holder top standard with the flat facing forward

NOTE: Some sanding may be required in order for parts to seat properly. 


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