Quick-change Build Platform

The Quick-change Build Platform is magnetic to allow you to completely remove it for cleaning or cooling between prints. We recommend you use 3D LAC as the bed adhesive when printing as it makes it easier to clean by simply washing with warm water and cleaning with glass cleaner every 20 prints. 

Tip: A light spray of 3D LAC between prints increases the adhesion over time, but ensure this buildup does not become too great. It is also important to let the bed cool before trying to remove your finished print to allow the 3D LAC to harden making it easier to pop your print off the glass build plate. A perfectly sprayed Quick-change Build Platform with proper z-offset will automatically release the print after it has cooled.

Cleaning the Quick-change Build Platform

Tools needed:

  • Warm water
  • Glass cleaner (optional)

How long will it take: 5 minutes or less.

Difficulty Level: Easy

Maintenance period: Typically about every 20 prints or any time you notice that too many spray layers have been added to the Quick-change Build Platform such that it negatively affects the quality of your prints.

Comments: Adhesion of the first layer of your print is critical to a successful print. Ensure that the quick-change build platform is not contaminated by dust, etc

Steps to clean the Glass Build Plate:

  1. Remove the Quick-change Build Platform from the bed assembly.
  2. Gently clean it with warm water and a glass cleaner.
  3. Once the Quick-change Build Platform is completely dry, reapply the 3DLAC adhesive spray.
  4. Replace the Quick-change Build Platform on to the bed assembly.
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