I can't connect my printer to MatterControl through USB

Description of the problem: I am unable to connect Mattercontrol to my printer after following the steps described in the article "Connecting a Computer via USB".

Comments: Note that it may take some time for your computer to recognize and download the driver for the printer. If you are having trouble with installing the driver, refer to "Driver Setup".


  1. Turn off the printer while still connected to your computer.
  2. Select the created printer name in the status bar at the top left hand side where you first set up the printer.
  3. In the “Connect to Printer” pop-up window, select “edit”.
  4. In the “Serial Port” selection, you will notice a “refresh” button. Turn on your printer, unplug from the computer and select “refresh”. You will notice that the serial port where the printer was connected has become unavailable by turning grey.
  5. While your printer is turned on, plug the USB back in and select “refresh”. The correct serial port that the printer is connected to will appear highlighted. Select this serial port.
  6. Under the “Baud Rate” selection, select 250000.
  7. Deselect "Auto Connect" 
  8. Save the settings by selecting “Save”.


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