Nozzle replacement

Required tools:

  • A 3mm hex key

Time required: 5-30 minutes

Difficulty Level: Easy

Maintenance period: When you notice abnormal prints or a non-correct extrusion rate due to wear or clogs and the nozzle hole has enlarged. This could manifest as missed layers, air printing, under-extrusion, poor layer adhesion, etc. Typically, a nozzle will provide precise printing quality for 5─7 spools of filament and then you will notice slow degradation in quality as you print further. This happens for several reasons. First, some dust may be on the filament and end up in the extruder, this could build up and cause partial clogs. Secondly, that dust and the filament itself, will abrasively act on the small nozzle hole, and over time, make it larger and non-circular.

Printing with metal infused materials will result in substantially faster wear of the Brass tipped Nozzles.

Explanatory video:

Steps to change the nozzle:

  1. Preheat the extruder and wait until it reaches its target temperature (see Preheat Extruder).
  2. Retract 100mm of filament then remove filament from the extruder (see Filament Retraction Control).
  3. Home all axes (see Home the Printer).
  4. Move Z-axis up 100mm (see X/Y/Z Axis Movement Control).
  5. Release the stepper motors (see Release Stepper Motors).
  6. Manually move extruder assembly to the center of printer.
  7. Using fingers, turn the heatsink counter-clockwise to loosen.
  8. Using a 3mm hex tool, loosen the nozzle clamp bolt 3 turns.
  9. Gently pry between the heatsink and extruder using a 3mm hex tool until the nozzle comes loose from the heatblock.
  10. Using tweezers, grasp the nozzle tip and continue to loosen the heatsink and pry until the nozzle is free from the heatblock and heatsink.
  11. Note the size of the new nozzle to be installed.
  12. Apply heatsink compound to the nozzle threads.
  13. While holding the heatsink with tweezers, tighten the nozzle into the threads.
  14. Using tweezers, push up with a slight rocking motion to engage nozzle tip into the heatblock.
  15. Screw the heatsink into threaded nozzle.
  16. Repeat steps 14-15 until nozzle has been installed.
  17. Using tweezers, gently pry upwards on heatsink to fully engage the nozzle into the heatblock.
  18. For single-extruder printers, skip to step 21. For dual-extruder printers, continue with step 19.
  19. Move the Z-Axis down in decreasing movement increments (see X/Y/Z Axis Movement Control) until the tip of the nozzle (that was not replaced) touches the Quick-change Build Platform.
  20. Using tweezers, gently pry downwards on the heatsink of the nozzle that was replaced until the tip of the nozzle touches the Quick-change Build Platform.
  21. Tighten the nozzle clamp bolt previously loosened.
  22. Using fingers, tighten the heatsink completely.
  23. Confirm installed nozzle diameter in MatterControl on Touch Interface by pressing SETTINGS > PRINTER > EXTRUDER and confirm Nozzle Diameter.
  24. Proceed with Z Offset Check to confirm the Z Offset.


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