About TPU Filaments (Flexible)


3D Printing with flexible filaments presents challenges to extrusion unique to the material. Due to the elasticity of the material, any friction after the extrusion gear causes the material to jam due to wrapping around the gear.

The following steps should be considered to reduce the likelihood of failure.

  1. Install a new extruder that has not been contaminated with other filament types.
  2. Put a light coating of oil on the filament for a distance equal to the distance from extruder to the spool holder. 
    • this will introduce some lubrication to the inside of the nozzle
  3. Reduce the speed of extrusion by using the preset "Filaflex"
    • Further reduction can be done using the "Tuning" adjustment while print is running.
  4. adjustment to the tension on the extruder gear bearing spring 


We have developed a purpose built flexible material extruder which can be installed to print with flexible materials. Contact us directly to order this special extruder.

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