About Nylon (Taulman Bridge)

Bridge nylon, is unlike 618 and 645, as it is closer to a PLA filament in it characteristics: It does not shrink when printing, it can print on glass, it does not absorb as much moisture and it is very strong (4,000 PSI of printed part).

Bed Material - Can print on a glass bed with a light adhesion - either hairspray or PVA.
Slicing Settings - Same as PLA.
Storage - Same as PLA
Ventilation - Should be printed in well aired space, although does not require ventilation as it does not produce fumes when stored or while printing. When printing, smoke may by observed coming from the heated nozzle tip - this is not smoke, it is water being evaporated from the filament as its being heated.

 Specifications provided by Taulman. 

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