ProtoPasta Carbon Fiber PLA

ProtoPasta's Carbon Fibre PLA is made from high quality PLA and 15% carbon fibers. Prints made with this material appear matted, sleek and stronger. The prints are more rigid, have better layer adhesion and do not warp due to the added structure that the carbon fibers provide. 

Note that filaments with added carbon fiber wear down our nozzles faster due to the abrasive carbon fibers. Over time the 0.35 nozzle will wear to a 0.4 mm nozzle. If you find that going from a carbon fiber material to a plastic and the flow of material is not consistent, the nozzle diameter can be changed in the Settings control panel in MatterControl, when Advanced settings are selected.

Optimal Printing Temperature: 190 C

Optimal Bed Temperature: 50 C with light adhesive, although not needed.

View the MSDS for ProtoPasta Carbon Fiber PLA.


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