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Our Materials category contains sections of articles on all of the materials that can be printed with all of the Infinity 3D Printer products. We test all filaments used on the Infinity 3D line of printers to ensure compatibility, there are many producers of filaments and quality can vary, for this reason we can only support the filament brands tested by Revolution 3D Printers.

We are constantly experimenting with new material so this section will be constantly updated. 

Our extruders are incredibly versatile and we have yet to find materials that we could not print with. The following is a menu of sections available in this category:

Material Presets

This section contains articles on the material presets we have tested and input into MatterControl so printing with a wide variety of materials becomes very easy to our users. This is also where we post our most up to date presets.

Composite Materials

This section contains articles on composite materials such as metallic or fibrous polymer blends.


This section contains articles on printing with PLA and optimizing your PLA prints.


This section contains articles on printing with ABS and optimizing your ABS prints.


This section contains articles on printing with nylons and optimizing your nylon prints.


This section contains articles on printing with flexible materials and optimizing your flexible prints.


This section contains articles on printing with PET and optimizing your PET prints.


This section contains articles on printing with HIPS as a support material and working with d-limonene solution.


These sections and articles are created and developed from known issues that users can come across when printing. If you have a suggestion or a problem that needs to be addressed, please start this conversation by opening a ticket from which articles can be developed to help other users. In each article, users can leave comments and start conversations on the topics presented in each article. Users are also able to start threads in our Community boards. These sections are constantly being updated, so check back often!

Note that these sections and articles are specific to the INFINITY 3D printer and are meant to support our customers and therefore only available to signed in users. Please log in or create an account to access the above information.

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