Dual Extruder test/setup

Tools needed:

  • Installed MatterControl software

How long will it take: About 15 minutes.

Difficulty Level: Medium

How often should it be done: Anytime the extruder assembly is disturbed.


Normally the x-axis offset will be 44mm and the y-axis offset will be 0 as the Dual extruder is machined from a single block of Aluminum, however the Nozzle itself may not be exactly centered due to machine tolerances of its attachment parts. Anytime the extruder assembly is disturbed this check and adjustments may be necessary to ensure accuracy of alignment and subsequent print quality. 

Steps to check that your extruder Nozzles have the correct offset settings in Mattercontrol:

Note that Ext1 is the index, for this reason all offset changes are done to Ext2. As can be seen in the examples Ext1 does not move on the plate, only Ext2 is affected by changes. Follow the procedure:


  1. From the MatterControl Desktop version, send the file DUAL_EXT_ALIGN_TEST.amf(found below your interface may already have the file contained in Local Library) to the Touch Interface. For a complete procedure on how to send the file refer to the article "Send files to the Touch interface from Desktop MatterControl Dashboard using WIFI". 
  2. Print at Standard settings from the QUEUE window.

You are confirming:

The material from Ext2 does not overlap Ext1 material in either the x or the y axis. 


If the #2 material is too far left then decrease the x offset (the first number) in the Advanced Controls>Printer>Extruder>Extruder 2  setting.

If the #2 material is too far towards the front of the printer then decrease the Y offset(the second number)in Advanced Controls>Printer>Extruder>Extruder 2   settings. It may be possible that this number is negative. Note that this number will be very low or zero.

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