Load filament into extruder

This procedure is also found in your operations & maintenance manual starting on page 69


Required Tools: Diagonal cutters

Time required: 5 minutes

Difficulty Level: Easy

Maintenance period: When a new filament, or a change to the filament, is required.

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Steps to load filament into extruder:


  1. Preheat the extruder and wait until target temperature is reached (see Preheat Extruder).
  2. Retract 100 mm of filament (see Filament Retraction Control).
  3. After retracting, completely remove filament from extruder manually.
  4. Trim new filament at an angle for ease of loading.
  5. Place filament into extruder and hold with slight pressure.
  6. Extrude 100mm of filament (see Filament Extrusion Control).
  7. After extruding, observe that the filament has extruded and the nozzle has purged.
  8. If no filament extrudes, repeat steps 1 to 7. If issue is not resolved, submit Support Request.
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