Input your printer's unique calibration settings

All values shown are for illustration only refer to your DMI form

Every printer we manufacture goes through several calibration procedures to ensure precision and proper tolerances. The extruder is perfectly tuned to each printer. The following printer settings are optimized for each printer: Dual Extruder Offset (for Dual Extruder Equipment), Z-Height Offset. 

These settings are found on the Delivery & Manufacture Information form you received with your 3D Printer and MUST be entered into the MatterControl slice settings under the Settings>Printer>Extruder and Settings>Printer>General section when Advanced settings is selected as shown.


The Value shown for the Print Center is typical for Dual-Extruder 3d printers. 

Note - The Z-Offset setting is used when there is a change to the height of the Glass Build Plate - such as adding blue painters tape or any other surface which may change the height of the build area. Refer to the instructions in the Z Offset Check section if changing the bed height.

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