3D print settings

Your MatterControl software is programmed with preset quality settings that you can use and change depending on your print.

In the Settings & Controls>SETTINGS options, the QUALITY selection has three options: Coarse, Fine, Standard. Select Standard to quickly start your print. In this window, you will also find the MATERIAL selection. Ensure to select  the appropriate material that you are using to set the correct extrusion and bed temperatures

These presets can be customized and refined as you become more accustomed to working with the printer and find settings specific for different prints and materials. Here is a quick guide to better understand which quality slice setting might be best for your print:

Preset Layer Height Quality Time of Print
Coarse 0.3 mm Draft Faster
Fine 0.1 mm High Slower
Standard 0.2 mm Medium -

To adjust these settings or create your own, select the pencil logo to the left of the QUALITY preset. An additional will open. Click on "edit" to modify the present you want to tune. You then can "Select Category", "Select Group" and "Select Setting" as well as modify the preset name. Click on "Save" once you are done your changes.

Note that the default QUALITY setting is Medium and the default Materials setting is PLA.


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