Printing options

The MatterControl slice engine has Basic, Standard, and Advanced settings, which can be selected in the SETTINGS window under the QUALITY and MATERIAL presets. These settings filter the amount of control and print settings you have when starting your print.

The Basic setting has one menu and allows for changing the layer height and the fill density of your print, as well as generating support material and a raft.

The Standard setting allows you to have more control in your General and Filament settings. In your General settings, you can now control the type of infill, number of perimeters, add a skirt and control your support material generated. In your Filament settings, you can manually change the diameter of your filament, extrusion and bed temperatures. 

When using the Advanced settings, you have full control of your print with changing print speeds, repairing bad edges, creating a wipe tower for your dual extruders, refine filament retraction, and change nozzle diameter to name a few.

We recommend that every user start with the Basic mode and progress from there. The MatterControl website has an excellent library of each slice settings in MatterControl. Visit the MatterControl website for a more in depth definition of each slice setting.

You are also able to import and export your slice settings from another program in the Options menu beside your slicing preferences. Each slicing option has a help option to help you better understand how each setting affects your print. This help feature can be toggled on and off by selecting Show Help beside the slicing preferences and options menu.



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