Viewing and editing your print

In the Queue and Library, you are able to view your print by selecting the print file
and selecting View. In the 2D or 3D view, you are able to view your print in the build plate and area. You are also able to Edit your print by rotating, moving, copying, scaling, mirroring, etc. This is where you are also able to add other files to print on the print bed by selecting Insert. MatterControl also has an Arrange option which can rearrange your prints to fit the bed and stagger multiple parts on the same bed. If printing with a dual extruder, you can choose parts of one print to print with each extruder by selecting Ungroup which will recognize unique parts of a print. Manually select which part you would like to print with which extruder. Once you’ve made your edits, select Save or Save-As to save any changes you’ve made.


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