Clean the Quick-change Build Platform

Tools needed:

  • Warm water
  • Glass cleaner (optional)

How long will it take: 5 minutes or less.

Difficulty Level: Easy

Maintenance period: Any time you notice that too many spray layers have been added to the Quick-change Build Platform such that it negatively affects the quality of your prints.

Comments: Adhesion of the first layer of your print is critical to a successful print. Ensure that the quick-change build platform is not contaminated by dust, etc

Steps to clean the Glass Build Plate:

  1. Remove the Quick-change Build Platform from the bed assembly.
  2. Gently clean it with warm water and a glass cleaner.
  3. Once the Quick-change Build Platform is completely dry, reapply the 3DLAC adhesive spray.
  4. Replace the Quick-change Build Platform on to the bed assembly.
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