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Our dedicated R&D team at R3DP is testing filaments on a regularly basis as new materials come out.

As some of these presets are very new they may not have been pushed out with the latest update to Mattercontrol. If you do not see the presets in the Materials list in Mattercontrol you may import them manually from the files included here.

Instructions to import files:

  1. Download to your computer the material preset file that was
  2. Open Mattercontrol
  3. Select SETTINGS  edit MATERIAL
  4. In the Slice Presets Editor  window select Import
  5.  Select the file you downloaded

You may need to select edit and then save in order for the preset to show up in the drop down for materials after import.

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    Tod Gilbert

    I noticed on the new t-glase setting file that the outside perimeter is set at 0.75. Should that be 75%? The printer seems to be going very fast on outside perimeters. My outside perimeter speed is 60 mm/s.

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