About Nylon (Taulman PCTPE)

PCTPE stands for Plasticized Copolyamide Thermoplastic Elastomer, which is essentially a nylon combined with a thermoplastic elastomer or a rubber like materials such as NinjaFlex filaments. It combines the soft and smooth texture of a nylon and the flexibility of a TPE, with a 500% elongation at break.

Bed Material - Can be printed on a heated glass bed (40C) with a light adhesion.
Slicing Settings - Same as ABS.
Storage - Cool and dark place with desiccant.
Ventilation - Requires ventilation when printing due to the addition of TPE.
Special flexible material extruders are not required due to the nylon component of the filament as it will reduce the drag in comparison to usual TPE filaments.

Specifications provided by Taulman. 

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