Troubleshooting material presets

Although our material and printing presets have been extensively tested, these settings can vary based on ambient temperature, humidity, and overall climate of the workspace where the printer will be printing. Note that we test these settings in an ambient room temperature (20-23C) with moderate humidity (60%). 

You are able to build on existing presets and or create new ones from the Touch Interface. You can read about how to edit presets in this article: "3D print settings".

An example of where some troubleshooting can occur is a complex part with bridging or extensive overhangs. These slicing settings can be improved from the MatterControl software when accessing the Advanced panel. In the Advanced panel, you are able to see many more settings which can be applied to your specific print. Activating the Show Help option will give you a better understanding of what each setting will effect on your print. 

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