About PLA (Colorfabb PLA/PHA)

Like most PLA material blends, this one is particularly interesting. With the addition of PHA, polyhydroxyalkanoate, the material becomes less brittle and stronger. PLA absorbs moisture from the air and can make the material and the printed parts quite brittle. This is also why they are mostly used for printing parts that will not be used in manufacturing or sustain any pressure. PLA is mainly used for prototyping. However, with more PLA based materials coming to the market, they will soon be used for more than simply printing out figurines.

PHA is a biopolyester so the combination of the two materials keeps the filament environmentally friendly and compostable. 

The look and feel of this PLA/PHA material over regular, low quality PLA is immediately noticeable. It is much shinier and prints cleaner. Colorfabb manufactures this filament to a very high standard that is evident in the final product.

Optimal Printing Temperature: 195-220C

Optimal Printing Speed: 40-100 mm/s

Optimal Heated Bed Temperature: 50-60 C with light adhesive

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