CAD software compatibility

Not all CAD software builds digital objects in the same way. There are many different tools available depending on your particular need. Some software is specialized for organic shapes while others work well with machine parts and geometries.

Resolution is one particular difference that is very visible in 3D printed parts. Rendering your design may show high resolution 3D models on your screen but these high def graphics do not translate well to 3D printing. To increase the resolution, view your design in wire form and look at the surface. Notice the flat facets on the wire frame? These facets get printed as you see them In this case, increasing the number of facets on your wireframe shape can increase resolution. 

As you increase the resolution also note that any .stl file that over 20MB will be difficult to process and slice for printing, and therefore will need to be processed to reduce its detail. Be careful to not increase your detail too much as it can cause instability in your slicing software. 

To prepare your 3D design model for printing try to reduce this resolution during export to .stl format or with a separate program that can optimize the file.


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