Material and Heated Bed temperatures

This table is a quick guide of the extrusion temperature ranges for the most common materials that you can print with your INFINITY 3D. You can find more details about each material by clicking on the links shown.

Due to hardware and materials variations to ensure you are printing at the optimum temperatures it is recommended you print the included STL with 0% infill and change the temperature by 5 degrees every 25mm of the print by manually adjusting temperature on the control panel. Start at 20 degrees lower than normal temperature. The proper temperature will be indicated by consistent color and strong layer adhesion.

Material Extruder   Temperature  (C) Bed Temperature (C) Special Requirements Associated links
ABS 240-250 100 Use several coats of 3D LAC ABS material
PVA 220-235 60 Use light coat of 3D LAC  
HIPS 250-260 50 Use light coat of 3D LAC HIPS material
Nylons (645) 245 ~30 Use several layers of 3D LAC and add a 5 loop skirt Nylon material
PETT (T-Glase) 210-230 35-50

Use light coat of 3D LAC

Print 10-20% slower than PLA

T-Glase material
PLA 185-220 50-60 Use light coat of 3D LAC PLA material
TPE (FilaFlex and NinjaFlex)  230 45 Use light coat of 3D LAC

FilaFlex and NinjaFlex




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