Remove HIPS support material

The HIPS material is ideal for providing support to printed structures because it can easily be dissolved using D-limonene. You can read about D-limonene by following this link "About D-limonene".

Tools needed: 

  • A large container with enough D-limonene solution to immerse your parts

How long will it take:  15-30 hours.

Difficulty Level: Easy.

How often should it be done:  Everytime HIPS is used as support material and meant to be removed.

Comments: The solution has a strong citrus smell and can make your printed part smell of citrus after soaking. 

Steps to remove HIPS material:


  1. Physically remove some of the support as it will decrease the amount of time required to dissolve it in the solution. 
  2. Once your print is done simply immerse your printed part in a D-limonene solution for 15 to 30 hours.




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