The support material is too strong to be removed

Description of the problem: The support material is really strong and attached to the print. Removing it manually would damage the print or it is too strong to be removed.

Material: Any type of material.

Settings: Standard with generated support and/or raft. 

Solutions: If the support is too strongly adhered to the print, there are a few settings that can be changed within MatterControl to solve this problem.

  1. Go to Settings>General> Support Material and try increasing the Air Gap to 0.4 mm. The Air Gap, initially set to 0.3mm height, can be increased as necessary to be able to easily remove the support material during post-processing. Note that the larger the Air Gap value, the less supported the print will be as you are increasing the distance between your print surface and the support. 
  2. Another setting in the Support Material is the Interface Layers option which is opposite of the Z Gap setting. This value is set to 3 layers that print between the print surface and the support and can be decreased. Note that a smaller interface layers value will give a rougher print finish.

If you have the INFINITY 3D Dual Extruder, you are able to print with HIPS or easily removable material in your second extruder. In this case, you are able to select the highest angle of support as the hips can be dissolved in d-limonene during post processing. Refer to "Remove HIPS support material" article.

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