How to use the Touch Interface in a multiuser environment

Update: Latest version 1.6 of software features a machine sync of all settings.

In order to maximize the benefits of having a Wifi connected prototyping machine, some workflows and rules need to be followed to maintain consistency with your printing quality. Establishing a set of guidelines in your workspace will take some time, but here are some that we follow in our workshop with at least 5-7 printers running at the same time. 

Currently, the on board Touch Interface does not synchronize to your desktop version of the Mattercontrol Software. When sending your prints from the desktop version of Mattercontrol, the print files sent must be indexed properly. The user must ensure that the machine specific values located within SETTINGS>Printer>General of the on board Touch Interface version of Mattercontrol match the settings contained in the desktop version of MatterControl.

Your 3D Printer will arrive with the correct machine specific values saved in the Touch Interface. 

Any time these settings are changed all users must update their printer settings on their desktop versions of Mattercontrol.

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