Transfer prints using a USB stick (without Wifi)

Purpose: Transfer prints using a USB stick if your file size is too large for cloud transfer or the Touch Interface fails to slice due to the file size.

This article will detail step by step how to transfer files to Touch interface when no Wifi connection is available. Prior to these steps you must "download, install and setup MatterControl"

Material required:

  • USB stick with enough memory to store the files you want to print (not included with your INFINITY 3D)
  • **Important: You must ensure that the Z-Offset setting on your desktop version of Mattercontrol match those for your printer.

    To find settings for z-offset Advanced must be selected then select Printer-Print Area on the Touch interface.


  1. Open MatterControl on your desktop
  2. Select your printer.
  3. Plug your USB stick in your computer.
  4. On the Queue window, click on "Add".
  5. Select the STL or AMF file you wish to print. Note: if you are importing a file that has already been sliced, e.g a G-code, skip to step 8.
  6. Click on "Export ...".
  7. Select "Export as a G-code"
  8. Save the file on your USB storage device
  9. Turn on your printer
  10. Unplug the connection between the Printer Mother Board (PMB) and the Touch Panel. This connection is located behind the front panel. Look up under the Touch Interface, there is a USB cable connection.
  11. Plug your USB stick to the Touch Panel.
  12. Unlock your Touch Panel by sliding your finger on the screen.
  13. Select the Home button on the bottom menu bar as shown in the image below.                               
  14. On the Home Screen, select the icon located in the center to access the applications menu.
  15. Select the Explorer icon.
  16. Select the USB storage icon.
  17. You now have access to all the files stored on your USB. Select the folder or file you would like to transfer to the Touch Panel by pressing on the file or folder name for two seconds. 
  18. Select the "Copy" icon.
  19. On the top bar menu, select the Home icon.
  20. Select the "NAND FLASH" icon.
  21. Select the "Editor" icon located on the top menu bar.
  22. Select the "Paste" option. Once your file or folder has been copied a message "Copy Finished!" will appear.
  23. Select the Home button on the bottom menu bar.
  24. Disconnect your USB stick.
  25. Reconnect the PMB to the Touch Panel.
  26. Open MatterControl by selecting the "MC" logo.
  27. On the Queue Window, select "Add"
  28. Select "internal_sd" folder.
  29. Select the file you placed there from step 22 that you would like to print.

The G-code is now ready to be print.


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