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Welcome to our Help Desk

The purpose of this page is to guide you through your first prints, help you achieve the best printing quality possible, maintain your equipment, and support you through any troubleshooting.

Refer to the section Getting Started if you are using your INFINITY 3D for the first time to achieve your first prints.

Refer to the section Operation and Printing Process for advanced tips on how to maintain your printer and tune your printing setups to achieve a high print quality for more challenging prints. Post-processing of your printed objects will also be described.

Refer to the Troubleshooting section if you are experiencing any issues with your print during the process or if you notice any inconsistencies in the quality of your prints.

These sections and articles are created and developed from known issues that users can come across when printing. If you have a suggestion or a problem that needs to be addressed, please start this conversation by opening a ticket from which articles can be developed to help other users. In each article, users can leave comments and start conversations on the topics presented in each article. Users are also able to start threads in our Community boards. These sections are constantly being updated, so check back often.

Note that these sections and articles are specific to the INFINITY 3D printer and for the support of our customers and therefore only available to signed in users. Please log in or create an account to get complete access to our information.

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