STEP 2: Download, Install, and Setup MatterControl Dashboard on a Desktop Computer

To add 3D files to the cloud library from a computer the MatterControl Dashboard must be downloaded, installed, and setup.  The MatterControl Dashboard is specifically setup and licensed for use with  Infinity 3D Printer products.

To download and install MatterControl Dashboard please follow these steps:

  1. Download the MatterControl software by clicking the link corresponding to Windows or Mac
    Platform Link
    Windows Download MatterControl for Windows
    Download MatterControl for Mac
  2. Install the MatterControl software by opening the downloaded file and following the installation instructions 

    A MatterControl user account is used to access the cloud library shared between the Touch Interface on the Infinity 3D Printer(s) and the MatterControl Dashboard on a computer. This user account is the same one used to log into on the Touch Interface.

    To setup a MatterControl user account and sign in on a computer please follow these steps:


  3. Open MatterControl Dashboard on a computer after installation Click sign in on the top right hand corner of the MatterControl Dashboard.
  4. Click Create An Account. If a MatterControl user account is already created, login.
  5. Input a Username, Email, and Password to use with this account and click Create Account.
  6. Confirm the account was created and click Continue.
  7. Input the Username and Password previously created and click Login.
  8. NOTE: Skip this step if you have already signed into the Touch interface on the Infinity 3D Printer. You will simply "SYNC" the printer.    For a single extruder printer select "INF3D-AF1-SE" for a Dual extruder printer select "INF3D-AF1-DE" input your 3D Printer specific serial number located in the back, bottom right hand side of printer. Click "Save & Continue" 
  9. Choose Skip "Install Communication Driver" this is only required for a USB connection to Printer, wifi connection does not connect via the desktop environment.
  10. Select "Skip Connection Setup"
  11. Confirm your chosen username appears in the top right hand corner in the MatterControl Dashboard and your printer serial number is in the dropdown.
  12. Select "Settings & Controls"
  13. Ensure SETTINGS is highlighted & the dropdown has ADVANCED showing (default is BASIC)
  14. Select "Printer" and ensure the printer Name you entered previously appears when "Connection" is selected
  15. Select "Print Area" change any of the numbers within the "Size and Coordinates" box so they match what is provided within your documentation package. If you do not have this information contact and provide your Infinity 3D printer serial #.
  16. Your specific serial numbered printer is now ready for first test print.
  17. The desktop version of Mattercontrol will not "connect" this is only if you choose to physically connect the printer via USB to your desktop/laptop computer. See the article "Connecting a Computer via USB"
  18. Continue to  STEP 3: Unpacking Instructions for the Infinity 3D Printer
    When you reach Step #19 in the "Unpacking Instructions" it will guide you through the first power-up of the Infinity 3D Printer.
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