Print does not stick to the bed surface

Description of the problem: Print does not properly adhere to the heated glass plate and detaches or moves after a few layers of printing.

Material: Any type of material.

Settings: Standard


  1. Increase the bed temperature by 20 C and preheat the bed for at least 20 minutes before you start the print to ensure that the entire platform reaches the right temperature.
  2. Before starting your print, spray 3D LAC spray on to a clean bed and preheat the bed. 
  3. Add a raft to your print by selecting "Skirt and Raft" and selecting "Create Raft" or adding a 6 loop touching skirt. 
  4. It may be necessary to adjust your z-offset in 0.1mm increments to bring the nozzle closer to the bed so it will "squish" the first layer into the bed ensuring adhesion. To adjust your z-offset, follow the instructions in the "Z Offset Check" article. 
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