The edges of the print are curling

Description of the problem: the edges at the base of the print are curled up.

Material: Any type of material.

Settings: Standard

Solutions: Here are three solutions that we use:

  1. Clean your glass build plate with soapy water and dry thoroughly. Evenly spray 3D LAC bed adhesive on the glass build plate and let the bed heat up to 65C before starting your print to ensure optimal tackiness.
  2. For prints that are simple in design, you can add a skirt to your model to insulate it from external fluctuations and protect it from curling. To do so, in MatterControl go to: Settings>Print>Skirt and Raft. Increase the number of skirt loops (up to 5) and select touching. Select Save to save this slicing modification.
  3. For prints that are a little more challenging, a raft can be created. A raft can extend over a larger area which will ensure that your print sticks to the heated glass plate as well as avoid curling edges of your design. To add a raft to your model in MatterControl go to: Settings>Print>Skirt and Raft and select the Create Raft box. For your first raft, continue with the default raft settings. Select Save to save this slicing modification. Note that your print is built on the raft and can become strongly attached to each other. Therefore more post-processing is required when adding a raft. If the raft does not come off the print, increase the air gap setting by 0.1 mm. 
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