STEP 3: Unpacking Instructions for the Infinity 3D Printer

Following these step by step instructions will ensure that no further calibration will be required before use.

This article is not a replacement for the manual provided with your printer.

If any of these steps does not result in intended output contact our support team to determine if damage has occurred during shipping.


Review the"UNPACKING INSTRUCTIONS" document link at the end of this article to review requirements before your shipment arrives, your shipment will also include a hard copy of these instructions when you open the shipping box for the printer you will find these "UNPACKING INSTRUCTIONS" on top of printer.

Secured to the bottom of the box you will find:

  • A document package containing your Welcome letter, Packing List, Full color Operations & Maintenance Manual, Delivery & Manufacture Information Document

1 Spool of Filament PLA

Accessories Package

  • Quick change build platform 
  • 3D Lac adhesive spray
  • Power cord
  • Spool Holder Stand Short & Spool Holder Top Standard
  • INFINITY 3D Toolkit 

Continue to STEP 4: Connect the Touch Interface to a Wi-Fi Network 

Follow the "Infinity3D_Unpacking_Instructions_V1.1.C.pdf" to ensure that no further calibration will be required before use.

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