STEP 1: Set up a working environment

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Congratulations on your purchase of the INFINITY 3DTM printer. We are very excited to welcome you to the Revolution 3D Printers community.

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Before you receive your INFINITY 3D, it is important that you allocate some time to setup a space for your 3D printer dedicated to the use of the printer, also Downloading & Setting up the software required to operate the 3D Printer at this time will provide you with operational familiarization. 

Start by placing the printer:

  • on an even surface
  • in a ventilated room
  • close to a power supply outlet
  • in an environment that will be maintained at a temperature between 15-30C
  • a dust free environment to ensure quality printing and extrusion

Use of a power bar that incorporates a surge protector will further improve reliability during operation of your 3D printer

Having a space allocated will allow for trouble free unboxing and setup to get you started with 3D printing right away. 

Continue to review all of the articles contained in this section Before you start prior to your Infinity 3D printer arrival or proceed to next article Download, Install, and Setup MatterControl Dashboard on a Desktop Computer

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