Preheat the extruder from the Touch Interface

To preheat the extruder from the Touch Interface follow these instruction:

  1. Unlock the Touch Interface by sliding the lock to the right. 
  2. Select Control and Temperature
  3. Locate the Extruder Temperature and select "Preheat".
  4. The extruder will start to preheat to the default 200C 

If you need to preheat the extruder at a different temperature:

  1. In the Control>Temperature settings panel, select the box with 0C (or 200C if already started preheating) and a keyboard will come up.
  2. Type in the temperature in celsius and touch above the keyboard to activate your new temperature request. 

Note that as soon as a temperature has been set, it will not stop until that desired temperature has been reached. If the temperature has been set too high and heating the extruder will cause damage to the material inside the extruder, it is best to turn off the printer completely wait 15 minutes and start again to reset the command.


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