Send files to the Touch interface from Desktop MatterControl Dashboard using WIFI

This article will describe how to send files (STL, AMF or G-code) from your MatterControl Desktop version to your onboard Touch Interface via WiFi. This method is used when "Add files to Cloud directly" causes stability issues.

*NEW Preferred Method:CLOUD LIBRARY mattercontrol now supports cloud libraries in Version 1.5 check out these features @ Add files to Cloud directly

It is important to note that the current processor within the onboard Touch Interface is limited to slicing files that are around 10mb in file size. If your file is larger you may need to slice using your desktops' more powerful processor.

To slice(generate G-Code) and then send this G-Code only to the touch interface follow the steps below.

TIP:If you are designing your own mechanical parts avoid using filleting type tools until final iteration of your design,this will reduce the overall file size.

  1. Open MatterControl from your computer.
  2. Select your printer.
  3. Confirm settings match the printer being used.(see step 12 update)
  4. Check in the "Settings" section that the QUALITY and MATERIALS are set correctly.
  5. Click Queue to return to the Print loading page .
  6. Select the model you want to print.
  7. Click on "More", select "Send".
  8. If you would like to send a .gcode - Check the box "Slice File Prior to Send" and select the connected printer. If you're sending an .stl file, select the correct printer without selecting the "Slice File Prior to Send" box. Note that you can also send to "Printing" printers.     
  9. Select "Continue".
  10. Status bar will indicate when file is done sending.
  11. Your file should appear in the Queue on the Touch interface.
  12. UPDATE:New versions of MC sync printer settings with desktop**Important: In order to send a sliced file you must ensure that the Z-Offset settings on your desktop version of Mattercontrol match those for your printer as per step 3.

    To find settings for z-offset Advanced must be selected then select Printer-Print Area on the Touch interface.

 Alternatively you may use the export function in the Queue to export the gcode and then add this file to the cloud.

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    Tod Gilbert

    I got my printer connected, and sending small files (such as the calibration file) is great. When I've tried to send larger files it seems very slow (over 15 min for a 30 mb file). Is this normal or is there a trick to speed it up?

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    Warren Strome

    No it is not unusual to to take this much time to send a file and will depend upon your Wifi connection speeds.

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