Build Platform Adhesive Application Tips

This article will describe some tips and best practices we use for build plate preparation and maintenance during printer operations. 

The amount of adhesive on the build plate will affect build quality in two ways.

  1. If it is too thick eventually an adjustment to z-height will be necessary, excessive adhesive buildup will cause unevenness as well.
  2. Your parts may adhere so well as to cause excessive mechanical force to remove them resulting in damage to the build platform.
Our recommendations:
  • a quick and light`spritz` between prints is all that is normally required to `rejuvenate`the adhesive
  • clean the plate completely after 15-20 print cycles in warm water with a light abrasive scrub pad.
A  combination of the right amount of adhesive and z-offset is evidenced by a print that will lift off with little to no mechanical force after the build plate has cooled to close to room temperature.
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