Flexible Filament Extruder Upgrade

Although there are currently flexible filaments on the market that you may use in our all metal extruders the results may not be consistent. There are ways to improve successfully extruding flexible 1.75mm filament such as Ninjaflex or polyflex such as:

  1. Reduce printing speed in settings
  2. Rub some oil on the filament so it "slides" through the nozzle cold section better
  3. Reduce the tension on the filament extrusion door to reduce likelihood of the filament "wrapping" itself around extruder gear.
  4. Install a guide into the housing of extruder where the filament exits the gear-bearing interface and before the entrance to the nozzle. This forces the filament to follow the intended path.


Filaflex filament is by far the most flexible filament we have tested.

We are now offering a flexible filament extruder assembly. This extruder follows our methodology of modularity. The assembly is a straightforward bolt on unit and direct replacement of the dual or single extruder. It operates with 3mm flexible filament as we have found that 1.75mm filament is simply too small in diameter to reliably extrude. The nozzle size is 0.4mm and produces very good prints in Filaflex material of many colors. This extruder can also be used with 3mm PLA material with good results however it is advised that in order to extend the serviceability of the extruder assembly it should only be used with Filaflex.



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