RAFT Settings

Printing with RAFT enabled can be very useful when your object has small contact area with the bed or when material being printed with requires a larger surface area for good adhesion. 

Printing with the Infinity 3D-DE dual extruder machine you can take advantage of the use of a dissolvable filament such as HIPS or PVA. Used in the interface layer and dissolved away post printing.

Printing with the Infinity 3D-SE single extruder machine presents additional challenges as the Interface,RAFT and part material are the same. To reduce the amount of mechanical post processing required due to adhesion between part and RAFT adjust the "Air Gap" found in the "Skirt and Raft" settings window.

  1. In "SETTINGS" select "General"
  2. Ensure that Advanced is selected in the dropdown
  3. Select "Skirt and Raft"
  4. Set "Air Gap" increase this number to reduce the amount of adhesion between part and RAFT

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    John J Pengilly

    Thanks Warren. I will give it a try.

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