Print Failure Mid-Print

Likely cause is a PMB (Printer Motherboard) Reset 

This type of failure manifests by the same print failing at different points. The printer will just stop. Both the Nozzle and the Bed temperature will stay on but there will be no motion.

A mid print failure can occur due to a reset of the printer motherboard due to a power fluctuation beyond what the power supply can handle.

If you happen to see it happen live you will notice that the interface will disconnect from printer momentarily.

This PMB reset may occur in a home setting due to a furnace starting or other large momentary power draw. In an industrial setting large power draws occur regularly. Connecting printer to another power circuit may eliminate this issue. Static discharge is a factor in print failures as well, ensure you are using a grounded power source.

A power bar or similar that can offer surge protection will reduce the likelihood of mid print failures, also consider trying a different circuit within your facility.

For the most reliability use of a Battery Backup or UPS set to maximum sensitivity will reduce the likelihood even further.

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