Add files to Cloud directly

Ensure you are signed into your Mattercontrol account  on Touch Interface & Desktop environment first


Adding files to your cloud library on the desktop interface for processing by the Touch Interface(on the Printer)

  1. Select Library
  2. Select Cloud Library
  3. Click ADD in the bottom Lefthand corner
  4. Select your STL or GCODE file  Note: You must have selected proper printer for slicing if in a multi machine environment
  5. You will now see this file on the Touch Interface in the same location
  6. confirm proper object orientation
  7. Print

NOTE:   You may find it easier to manipulate your files on the desktop version of Mattercontrol before adding to the cloud. Large file sizes cause instability in the onboard Interface therefore it is recommended you setup printer plate within queue and then click more and add to cloud.

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