Floating X-axis

Issue: The T-Nut's can completely disengage from the x-axis assembly during homing of the z-axis 
Purpose: Provide a safety feature for the T-nut on the x-axis assembly to eliminate any major equipment damage if a user inadvertently "Homed" all axis while an object was still on the build plate or in the case of a failed z-axis limit switch.
Either of these cases will result in the captured T-Nut completely disengaging from the x-axis motor mount and idler mount assemblies during homing of the z-axis.
Solution: In order to rectify this issue follow the steps below.
NOTE: By simply re-seating the T-Nut the 3D printer may be operated without installing the "T-NUT RETAINER" however rough handling &/or physically relocating and moving the printer may cause the T-Nut to become disengaged again.
  1. Download the attached .stl file T-NUT RETAINER
  2. Print it in PLA using standard settings
  3. Use any instant glue or Methylene Chloride
  4. Bond to the underside of the X-Axis idler assembly to lock the t-nut preventing disengagement
  5. The installation of this T-NUT RETAINER will still allow for disengagement of the x-axis in the case of an inadvertent homing of axis with object on plate, thus providing safety and reducing likelihood of major equipment damage.
  6. See the article X Axis Level confirmation to confirm t-nuts are installed correctly.



The LED indicator will be on when power is on and there is nothing to "Interrupt" the switch. Use a business card or similar and place between the ears of this switch to "Interrupt" the switch and turn LED off. This confirms proper operation of this switch. After confirmation that light goes out, jog the z-axis up 20mm from home place the business card between the ears after you have pressed home on the user interface to functionally check the axis will stop when home is pressed.

The Tab mounted to the frame will interrupt the Z-AXIS limit switch when the printer is "HOME''d

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