Verify 3D Printing Settings


  • Results of 3D print are not as desired
  • To send print settings to Revolution 3D Printers to verify and troubleshoot

Tools needed:

  • MatterControl installed on desktop computer
  • "FIRST TEST PRINT" STL file saved in local library on touch interface

How long will it take: about 5 minutes

How often should it be done:

  • Whenever the results of a 3D print are not as desired
  • When a Revolution 3D Printers technician asks for print settings


  1. Open MatterControl on the touch interface
  2. Open the local library by pressing LIBRARY->Local Library
  3. Select the FIRST PRINT TEST file
  4. Press Edit->Export->Export as G-Code
  5. Select internal_sd->Download
  6. Press Save and then Done
  7. Open your cloud library by pressing Home->Cloud Library
  8. Press Add
  9. Select Internal Storage->Download
  10. Select FIRST_PRINT_TEST.gcode
  11. Press Open
  12. Go to your desktop computer and open MatterControl desktop version (make sure this computer is signed into the same MatterControl account as the touch interface)
  13. Click Library->Cloud Library
  14. Scroll to and select the FIRST TEST PRINT g-code file
  15. Click Edit->Export->Export as G-Code
  16. Save the file in an accessible location on the desktop computer
  17. Send the exported FIRST_TEST_PRINT.gcode file to Revolution 3D Printers as an attachment to a support request here or in an existing support request.
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