Preheat the Quick-Change Build Platform

Preheating the Quick-change Build Platform can be done before a print or between prints to save time when starting a print. Preheating the Quick-change Build Platform before a print will allow it to reach the desired temperature before starting a print.

Steps to preheat the Quick-change Build Platform using the Touch Interface:

  1. Unlock the Touch Interface by sliding the lock to the right.
  3. Locate Bed Temperature and select PREHEAT. The Quick-change Build Platform will preheat to the default of 45 °C and its current temperature is shown to the right of “Actual:”.
  4. To change the Bed Temperature setting, locate the box labelled “Target:”.
  5. Select the Target box and a keyboard will be revealed.
  6. Type the desired temperature in Celsius and press SET to activate.
  7. The bed will heat to the set temperature.
  8. To turn Off the bed and allow it to cool to room temperature, select OFF.
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