Update End G-Code Commands on the Touch Interface

Issue:  Extruder 2 extruding excess filament onto finished part at the end of a dual extrusion print.

3D Printer Serial Numbers Affected:  150001-150065 all subsequent will incorporate this modification during manufacturing.

Purpose:  To update the end G-Code on the Touch Interface eliminating excess filament being extruded onto the finished part at the end of a dual extrusion print.  

**Important: The end G-Code must also be updated in MatterControl Dashboard if using a computer to process 3D files as described in Process Large Files on MatterControl Dashboard and Add to Cloud Library for 3D Printing.

New End G-Code Commands:



G92 E0


G92 E0

G1 Z4

M104 T0 S0

M104 T1 S0

M140 S0


G28 X

G1 Y170


Solution: Please follow the steps below to rectify this issue.

  1. Open MatterControl on the Touch Interface
  2. Select advanced settings by pressing SETTINGS > Basic > Advanced
  3. Select SETTINGS > Printer > Custom G-Code
  4. Select the End G-Code text box and delete all commands using the backspace key on the keyboard
  5. Input the new commands into the End G-Code text box using the keyboard
  6. Press SAVE to commit the changes
  7. Confirm the new G-Code commands are in the End G-Code text box

The new end G-Code commands are now saved on the Touch Interface.

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