This information is contained on page 13 of the Infinity 3D Printer Operations & Maintenance Manual that you received with your 3D Printer

The purpose of the Operations & Maintenance manual is to provide you, the Infinity3D printer operator, with the necessary information for operating, servicing, and repairing your Infinity3D printer for optimal machine use and best printing results. Study and review the procedures and illustrations in this manual and use them as a reference when operating the Infinity3D printer and performing repair or maintenance operations. In addition to this manual, the online Support Desk should be consulted to ensure familiarity with all operating procedures.

This manual is divided into three sections:

• Introduction

• Operations

• Maintenance

The information, specifications, and illustrations in this manual are based on the information in effect at the time this manual was printed. Continuous improvement of product design results in changes to the Infinity3D printer. Every effort is made to include these changes in later document versions or service bulletins and are provided at our online Support Desk.

The Operations & Maintenance Manual is available for download and printing by existing customers.  

To download the manual, please follow the link below.

Infinity 3D Printer Operations & Maintenance Manual-V1.0 download link

Note: For customers with printer serial numbers 150001-150065 please review the new procedure for loading filament into the extruder.  This procedure is described in the "Steps to load filament into the extruder" section starting on page 69 of the Operations and Maintenance Manual-V1.0.  Please also confirm the start G-Code is updated as described in the article Update Start G-Code Commands on the Touch Interface.  This allows for proper operation of the Infinity 3D Printer after loading filament.


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