Maintenance Planning

This information is contained on page 16 of the Infinity 3D Printer Operations & Maintenance Manual that you received with your 3D Printer


Every mechanical device requires regular maintenance to ensure longevity and serviceability of equipment. Maintenance and servicing can be as straightforward as noting any changes to the sound of normal operations to the regular monitoring of hardware security.

A schedule of required and recommended maintenance, followed carefully, will reduce the likelihood of unscheduled parts

replacement. The INFINITY 3D printers have been developed to ensure ease of maintenance and servicing.

Scheduled Maintenance Planning Table

Procedure Frequency Support Article
Lubricate XYZ Rods Approximately 30 hours of printing  Link
Clean the Filament Drive Gear 50 hours of printing or 1 spool of filament  Link
Nozzle Replacement Every 7 spools of filament  Link
Hardware Security Once per month  

Unscheduled Maintenance Planning Table

(as required depending on operational activities)

Procedure Support Article
Tension the Belts  Link
Clean the Quick-change Build Platform  Link
Clean the Extruder Fan  Link
Z-Offset Check  Link
X-axis Level Confirmation  Link
Clean the Touch Interface  Link
Bed Levelling  Link
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